Partner With Us

Do You Have Ranch Land For Lease?

Your Land Can Affect The Nation! Holy Cow Ranches is currently in search of Ranch Leases throughout the northwest. By allowing HCR lease and manage your ranch land, together we can impact hunger in volumes.

Retiring Rancher?
If you are thinking about retiring, please consider leasing your ranch to HCR. We have qualified managers that share the vision of seeing hunger as a thing of the past. Please call to speak with our Founder personally. (406) 223-0274.

Do You Have Cattle?

Cull Cows | This is a huge way to help with less sacrifice to the giving rancher in the long term. Here’s how it works: A rancher loans us 10 bred cull cows this fall. We raise the calf off of them, breed them back, haul them to the sale barn and sell them on the ranchers behalf next fall. (Giving the rancher the proceeds from the cows.) That fall, the rancher loans us 10 more and the process starts over again. Say after 5 years the rancher desires to discontinue giving; his last cows are sold and he has recovered all of his money. We understand the first year is asking a lot. However, everything is returned each following year, yet those in need will quickly benefit by HCR’s cow herd growing dramatically.

If just 50 Ranchers would partner with HCR in this way, together we could stock one 500 head ranch per year. HOLY COW!

Yearlings | Your gift of a yearling heifer will go to a ranch and continue reproducing. Steers will be finished and used where needed most.

Bred Heifers | Info coming soon…

Breed Bulls | If you have a breed bull that may still be used for breeding, consider donating it to HCR.

Weanlings | Give a weanling and HCR will finish them out and use them where best needed.

Injured Animal | Do you have an injured animal? Let us process it and get it into the hands of those in need.

Please call our Founder for all arrangements at (406)223-0274.

Do You Have Equipment?

As we continue to grow, we increase the need for all types of equipment. If you have equipment in good working order and not being used, please consider donating it.