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How We Distribute

We work with churches and other nonprofit organizations that act as the vehicle to get beef into the hands of each struggling family. They are tasked with finding those families within their sphere of influence and setting up pick up times and locations.

Who Can Receive Beef?

It is part of our vision to serve families that have fallen on hard times, who may be overlooked or who admirably do not want to be supported by a government system. By providing them with beef, we are taking some of the burden of providing food for their family off their shoulders. In turn, they are able to focus their efforts on getting back on their feet.

How Do I Get Beef?

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can call our team in the Idaho office (406) 223-0274, and they will help you get signed up with a distribution partner near you.

Where Is Help Needed The Most?

The operations rely on a natural ebb and flow of continuous donations. Your gift whether monetary or otherwise, in any season, will play a vital role in feeding families.

There’s More You Can Do!

Networking is also a large part of what helps us grow and carry out our mission. If you know of a rancher, landowner or business that would be interested in joining our efforts, please reach out to them. Together we can use what we have to change the world around us!