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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Partnering with ranchers and others to aide in making hunger a thing of the past.

About Us

Holy Cow Ranches is made up of ranchers, cowboys, and other individuals who all share a passion for working hard and serving others.We believe that by creating self-sustaining ranches that continue to reproduce beef year after year we will be creatively stepping into the battle against hunger. Our network of partners consists of landowners, ranchers, churches, various organizations, and corporations. We are using our way of life to bring hope to hurting and put beef in their freezers.

We Are Unique

What sets Holy Cow Ranches apart is the very nature of our ranching lifestyle. Raising cattle provides a continuous supply of food through a cow and her calves. One cow, in her lifetime, can produce up to ten calves and each of the heifer calves can produce up to ten of her own. So the cycle continues year after year making it easier for us to reach out to, and keep up with the growing number of families who are struggling with food insecurities in their home. You can expect any contribution made to Holy Cow Ranches to become an investment that has a great and continual return.

Our Vision

Holy Cow Ranches was uniquely designed to become a vehicle to provide beef to a wide variety of families and individuals who are struggling to put food on the table. Our ambition is not to become a crutch that people live on. However, we do understand that financial drought chooses no favorites and can happen suddenly. So, we aim to provide hope and help to our fellow hard working men and women and to empower them to continue their efforts to better themselves. We do this by partnering with churches and various nonprofit organizations that have existing connections to those individuals and are already helping families get back on their feet.